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How to organize thousands of records in a way to protect them and find anything quickly?

Look at the picture on my ‘Home’ page which shows a cut-out: I opted for custom-made furniture: massive wooden shelves (each 220 x 90 cm) with 12 compartments each. Each compartment holds 90-100 records packed very closely (depending on record thickness). Each record sits in a PE outer sleeve which bears a sticker with Artist/Title/Running Number and a QR code which links to the record’s site @ The records are in no order, just ‘last in first out’, so the continuously running numbers start with the lowest number at the left side of the top left compartment. The highest number is at the right side of the lowest compartment.

Of course I had to  build my database first, including all record information and the discogs links. Now picking a record is very easy: make a database query and search its number. Of course I printed the database in artist>title order as a quick reference, too.


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