This is my Showcase


thanks for visiting my private homepage which has existed since 1999 and has been relaunched Oct. 2017 ! I am a German record collector & (former) DJ and proudly present my selection consisting of my 6000+ vinyl records/CDs collection  plus 4000+ wanted items in one database.

It is an attempt to give a retrospective overview of the history of dance music (no, it‘s not complete…). Just classic tracks with timeless quality.

Basic information of tracks played by DJs in clubs with focus on the 1970s to 2010s. (plus music for chill-out/listening only).

A time-saving guide for orientation & basic reference to provide you with new ideas.

A recommendation by me and third parties concerning milestones & the historical roots of important genres (Disco, Electro, House, Techno, Rap).

A personal (shortened) discography of my favorite artists and my personal favorites of hits and underground tracks.

This is for record collectors, DJs and everybody who is looking for the perfect beat.

Check it out and get new ideas what to collect and play.

Each record of my collection is linked with where you can find comprehensive information, pictures, sound clips and of course other releases.

Please note that my collection is not for sale.

A link to my record store with 600+ items for sale (these are not included in my database here).

Dance Music must be heard and felt – play it out loud in order to dance – enjoy and party hard!

LAST UPDATE: 22.09.2023