Quick Start

There are two different ways how to start record research:

Either click on my search logo top left in the menu to search my database. You will discover collector’s informations, e. g. catalog numbers, labels and much more.

Or jump to the menu ‘Playlists‘ and get DJ informations, e. g. which tracks really work together on the dancefloor, beats per minute and harmonic keys.

Basically this is self-explaining but in this pull-down submenu (here below ‘How to’) you will find some valuable hints and tricks concerning search input and output.

Which Records are in my Collection?

that’s easy: perform any search and you will receive an output list. See the field COMMENT_TRACKLISTING: if you read ‘NOT IN MY COLLECTION – WANTED’ it’s like that…

Alternatively you can check the box WANTED in the input mask EXTRAS.

See the field RANKING: if you read any value in the first line (sorry, still a bug: in Euro, not in US$) then this record is part of my collection, else not!

Where to find the History of Dance Music here?

My service offers here are the database and the playlists. I encourage you to search the database to find the roots of different dance music genres, e.g. search:

Genre: Disco and Year: 1975 to find the first Disco 12″ Singles

Genre: Rap and Year: 1979 to find the first Rap 12″ Singles

Genre: Techno and Year (Decade from pre-selection/pull-down menu): 1980s to get this overview

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: I will include links to third party websites with history stories…