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Click on  my logo (menu top left) to start the search engine: analyze ‘on the surface’ first. E. g. type any artist or genre which comes into your mind, set multiple filters and check the output list. Then refine your next search by looking for similar items e.g. of the same year (or decade from the ‘Year’ pull-down menu) or genre. Dig deeper and find related underground tracks, my favorites and milestones.

Favorites and Milestones

My definition of personal favorites is just a personal one: what I like…

My definition of personal milestone/underground/classic pop hit ‚milestones‘ is also just my recommendation

Whereas all other milestones mentioned below have been defined by third party people:
in books:
– David Toop: The rap attack, 1984 (3rd ed. 1999)
– Freddy Fresh: presents the Rap Records, 2007
in music magazines:
– (UK)
– famous clubs‘ ‚best of‘ playlists
– – Gallery, New York USA (1973-1977, Nicky Siano
– – Hacienda UK
– – Music Box Chicago USA (1982-1987), Ron Hardy
– – Paradise Garage, New York USA (1977-1987), Larry Levan
– – Roxy, USA
– – Shoom UK
– – Sound Factory Bar, New York USA (mid 1990s)
– – Warehouse Chicago USA (1977-1980s, later: Music Box), Frankie Knuckles




Ranking Favorites & Comment/Tracklisting : UNDER CONSTRUCTION
-> personal comments and valuable hints how to tell the original first issue from reissues or bootlegs/counterfeits/fakes

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