Sound System

Here is my analog and digital equipment:

Turntable Technics 1210M5G with Benz ACE pick-up (needle)

Phono pre-amp: Creek xyz inside a Creek Evolution integrated amp (only pre-amp used)

Speaker (P.A.): 1x LD Systems Maui 44

Speaker (Monitor): 2x JBL LSR 305

Headphones: Beyerdynamic T70p, Ultimate Ears UE 5 pro

Mixer: Pioneer XDJ-RX

Audio Interface: RME Babyface Pro

Computer: Mac Book Pro, iPhone X, 2xUSB stick

Software: Audio Editor: Amadeus, Mixed in Key, Database: Filemaker, Pioneer Rekordbox, RME Totalmix

Vinyl Cleaning Machine: Glaess Vinyl cleaner Pro

For vinyl listening/recording I use everything above besides the XDJ-RX.

For DJing I use the portable (stand-alone) combination of XDJ-RX and LD Systems Maui 44 only.