In addition to my favorites and milestones I want to share my practical experience as DJ with you: which tracks fit together and work to make the crowd dance (depending on a lot of other factors of course… location, age, time…).

After many years of analog mixing with my Technics 1210 turntables and RODEC MX 180 mixer I switched to digital mixing with my ‚all in one‘ Pioneer XDJ-RX and built in Rekordbox software.

Before I digitize my vinyl with a RME Babyface pro soundcard and build playlists in iTunes on my Mac Book Pro. Then I run software. It analyzes the tracks‘ harmonic keys (e.g. A major = 11B) and beats per minute (bpm) and writes this information into the track title.

Harmonic mixing enables me to create smooth transitions between tracks and ensures that vocals, melodies and basslines sound great together. In my experience this is most important if I mix different genres ‚cross over‘ (e.g. Electro/EBM/Techno or R&B/Reggae/PopClubplay). Of course beat matching and synchronization remains the main thing.

Find playlists in the pull-down menu:

Order A>Z Artist>Title (not in a mixing order!)

„Harmonic key“ – „beats per minute“ (track name) (artist name), e.g.:

11B – 92.7 – Urban style music (reprise) Lemon D