Why this?

The Future lies in the Past – I’m going back to my Roots

After a long journey as DJ and record collector I feel the need to share my experience with you. Concerning dance music I like to look back in time – this is not a contradiction to look into the future for other aspects of life. Quality exists in every year, but I encounter the best rhythms, melodies and voices more frequently in the past. If I listen to actual dance music I often get bored by a lack of creativity because everything is just copied or sampled. For this reason I rarely buy new stuff (check my ‘Year Statistics’).


Why another Discography?

Back in the day it was a secret science to find good dance music: you had to ask the DJ or the recordstore owner and often had little success tracking it down. Nowadays you spend too much time searching in the internet, but often you can‘t find the needle in the haystack. Try to research www.youtube.com and www.discogs.com (which lists items). Of course there are lots of comments but no powerful search engine.

Trust my Selection

My website wants to serve as guide for your orientation and as a quick reference tool before you get lost elsewhere. A kind of idea generator.

My collection has some depth and width and is clearly compressed in a database, which offers complex queries in opposite to www.discogs.com. But I don‘t pretend to know all…

Follow my selection to find gems and avoid crap. If you got just one good idea it was worth checking! Just give it a try!

(Remember: selection is more important than mixing skills and technical tricks to create a special mood. – e.g. David Mancuso didn‘t mix, but played his records in their entirety, respectfully acknowleding that this is the way that the artists (or remixers) intended them to be heard. His selection made the difference. see: link )

Collect and enjoy

Build your own collection and invest in the real deal – and play it to the crowd!

Pic: David Morales @ KW (Heizkraftwerk) closing party (Munich 2004)